Sunovia Energy Technologies

Sunovia Energy Technologies Inc.

Sunovia Energy Technologies contact information

Address: 106 Cattlemen Road
Sarasota, FL 34232
Telephone: 1-641-751-6800

Sunovia’s EvoLucia Aimed LED Lighting division uses patent-pending technology to produce the most efficient light for the least amount of input energy. According to the Department of Energy, over the next 20 years rapid adoption of LED lighting can reduce electricity demands by 62 percent, eliminate 258 million metric tons of carbon emissions, avoid building 133 new power plants, and generate financial savings of $280 billion. Simply put, EvoLucia Aimed LEDs put the best, most efficient and most uniform light exactly where it’s needed for less energy.

Lighting Reality PRO has photometric data available to allow road, street and outdoor lighting designs to be produced which incorporate any of the following lighting products from Sunovia Energy Technologies Inc.

  • Street Lighting
    • SCHX5 55W
    • SCHX5 80W
    • SCHX5 100W
    • SCHX5 120W

The new service from Lighting Reality

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