Pierlite contact information

Address: 96-112 Gow Street
Padstow NSW 2211
PO Box 314 Padstow
NSW 2211
Telephone: +61 (2) 9794 9300

With humble beginnings in the 1930’s the Gerard family has journeyed through an exciting path in the electrical industry. At present Gerard Lighting's flag ship brand Pierlite has positioned itself as a market leader in Australasia for design, manufacturing and distribution of architectural, industrial - commercial lighting systems and through this experience create an even more exciting path as it develops a dynamic global network. From the home shores of Australia with sales, customer service and warehouse operations in each capital city, the Pierlite team now expands to New Zealand, East Africa, UK, India, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Pakistan, Mozambique and with it, a strategic vision to continue expanding this global network. With key local and international supply partners under the guidelines of our ISO9001 quality management system, Pierlite create innovative commercial, industrial and architectural lighting products that deliver our customers professional lighting solutions. At Pierlite we understand the importance of Australian Made and now with our expansive global network we bring to the market the knowledge and experience of being Globally Competitive.

Lighting Reality PRO has photometric data available to allow road, street and outdoor lighting designs to be produced which incorporate any of the following lighting products from Pierlite

  • Road Lighting
    • Centenial
    • Central
    • Domain M
    • Domain S
    • Greenstreet
  • Floodlighting
    • Maxi Master

The new service from Lighting Reality

Visit the dedicated ACE website at www.ace.lighting for more information