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Phoenix Products

Phoenix Products contact information

Address: 8711 West Port Avenue
WI 53224
Telephone: 1-414-973-3300

Founded in 1892 by George Wordingham, Phoenix Products Company, Inc. has evolved alongside the growth of the city of Milwaukee, where it is still headquartered. Phoenix has since engineered its growth in several industries, all requiring innovative approaches to meet customer needs, and always with the objective of providing exceptional durability. Phoenix works with leading lighting designers and engineers to create precise lighting performance fixtures, meet specifications and increase safety for facility and equipment users. To create satisfying, long-term lighting solutions, Phoenix works with domestic and international manufacturers' representatives and sales agents.

Lighting Reality PRO has photometric data available to allow road, street and outdoor lighting designs to be produced which incorporate any of the following lighting products from Phoenix Products.

  • Architectural Floodlights
    • AFL LED
    • AMS
    • AMSR
  • Architectural Performance Floods
    • CSI
    • MS56
    • MS64
    • MS1500LB
  • Architectural Pole Mounted
    • Citation
    • Elegant
    • Epic
    • Eurotech
    • Full Cut off Eurotech
    • Large Concord
    • Large Eurotech
    • Large Metro
    • Marvel
    • Mystique
    • Odyssey
  • Architectural Wall Mounted
    • Saga
    • Solitaire
  • Industrial Marine Mining Floodlights
    • IC
    • KL
    • MRS64
    • MRSE400
    • MRSE1000
    • MSD
    • MS HID
    • MS QRTZ
    • SLX
    • SLXP
    • TL
    • WT
  • Industrial Marine Mining Fluorescents
    • LFHD
    • LFNR
    • LFSB
    • LFSD
    • LFW
    • RSL
  • Industrial Marine Mining Vaporproof
    • VALED
    • VP FRST
    • VP HID
    • VP INC

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