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Address: Holophane Europe Ltd
Bond Avenue
Bletchley, Milton Keynes
Telephone: +44 (0) 1908 649292

For over 100 years the name Holophane has enjoyed an enviable reputation throughout the world for expertise, quality and innovation in lighting. From the earliest days when the company pioneered its famous glass refractor, the Holophane name has been ever present as a leader in the field of luminaire and lighting design. In today's enviroment, where landscape lighting, modern architecture and public space projects predominate, the Holophane name remains synonymous with quality design, high performance, low maintenance and cost-effective lighting. In Europe, Holophane acheive sales revenues of 50 million Euro and operate throughout all majoy markets. Holophane offer a modern energy-efficient product range, which can satisfy a wide variety of application demands. The product portfolio incorporates interior, amenity, street and flood lighting suitable for today's enviromentally conscious world, including the Hydrel range of floodlights, which is in addition an internationally recognised brand.

Lighting Reality PRO has photometric data available to allow road, street and outdoor lighting designs to be produced which incorporate any of the following lighting products from Holophane Europe Ltd.

  • Amenity Column Mounted
    • Aeris
    • Conus
    • Denver Pole
    • Denver Pole elite
    • DSX
    • Petxina
    • Petxina Mini
    • Signature II
    • Vista
    • Vista Junior
    • Vista Grande
  • Bollards
    • Denver bollard
    • Denver Elite bollard
    • Terralux
  • Heritage
    • Ashbourne
    • Sherington
    • Woburn
  • Road lighting
    • Estilo Illuminance
    • Estilo Luminance
    • Factor
    • LEDgend
    • QSS
    • Syracuse Small
    • V-Max

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